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These L-Band arrays use pairs of vertically stacked patches that have individual connections for each band and for each linear polarization. This allows for the use of these arrays as circularly polarized arrays or as dual linear polarized arrays.


We know that our customers have needs beyond standard products, and we take pride in the fact that Orban Microwave is whom you come to when your application needs to go beyond the ordinary. Our success relies upon world-class engineering expertise, a vast library of RF building block designs, simulation tools, and rapid prototyping capabilities. Our business has been meticulously thought out to reduce design timelines and deliver on budget.

Here at Orban Microwave, our model is to design ‘at cost’, acting as a true partner with our customers, profiting only once we’ve entered production with the final product. Unlike traditional design companies who part ways at the critical stage of production, we retain responsibility for the entire product lifecycle - all the way to integration into the final system. Since we are not a catalog manufacturer that depends on high-volume production, your custom order is our only priority. Have an idea or a specific product in mind? Let Orban Microwave Products help you achieve something extraordinary. 

Want to know more? Contact us at   321-200-0080

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