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Omni Directional

Our range of high-end omnidirectional antennas is designed to meet diverse communication needs. With exceptional reliability and performance across various applications, these antennas were originally engineered for the UHF frequency range from 370 to 900 MHz. We proudly offer versions that encompass VHF, 5G, and WiFi frequencies, providing flexible options tailored to your requirements.

Characterized by a modular design, these antennas allow for effortless transportation and swift deployment, particularly in emergency scenarios. They comprise one to four segments that seamlessly mount onto a fixed base, offering unparalleled installation convenience and facilitating rapid buildout. This ensures efficient communication establishment during critical situations.

Our antennas excel in delivering comprehensive coverage for public safety communications, wireless broadband networks, and other applications that require reliable omnidirectional performance. Crafted with a commitment to quality and durability, they are engineered to withstand even the harshest outdoor environments while providing extensive signal reach.


UHF Modular Omni Directional

Introducing our state-of-the-art modular omni-directional antenna, specifically designed for UHF operations spanning a frequency range of 370 to 900 MHz. This antenna stands out for its innovative design, built upon a sturdy base that securely attaches to any asset. What distinguishes this antenna is its exceptional versatility, allowing for the stacking of up to four segments with utmost ease.


The base of the antenna features four type N connectors, facilitating connectivity to each of the four constituent antennas.
To ensure the antenna's protection during transit, the base is equipped with a protective cap, effectively preventing the ingress of dirt and debris. Each segment measures 2.5 feet or 80 centimeters, facilitating convenient transportation.


Upon full deployment, the antenna extends to a length of approximately 10 feet or just under 3 meters. Moreover, in scenarios demanding enhanced inter-element isolation, interconnect segments are readily available, enabling greater spacing between individual elements.

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