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We specialize in the design and manufacture of radar antennas for S-Band and higher frequency ranges. COTS receive arrays for S-Band are available in 8 and 16 element configurations. For transmit, single element as well as sub-arrays consisting of 2 or 4 elements are available.

Our S-Band receive arrays can optionally be equipped with a built-in calibration network, engineered to couple a calibration signal into all elements of the array.
For X-Band, we offer traveling wave antennas as they are an excellent choice.

Moreover, understanding that off-the-shelf solutions may not fit all requirements, we offer customization of our radar antennas to meet your unique specifications. Our expert team is committed to delivering advanced solutions that exceed your expectations.



Our S-Band radar arrays, available as Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) antennas, are tailored around a flexible architecture. This design flexibility enables us to customize these arrays to meet your specific needs and operational requirements.


Built around the efficiency of single elements or the increased directivity of sub-arrays, these radar antennas are tuned and optimized to cover the entire S-Band radar frequency allocation.



Vivaldi antennas, also known as tapered slot antennas, find significant application in X-Band radar systems. Their wideband properties allow them to cover a broad frequency range with consistent performance.


The combination of the Vivaldi antenna's wideband capabilities, excellent return loss characteristics, high gain, and tapered slot design that contributes to low sidelobes, along with its tailored optimization for X-Band, makes it an excellent choice for high-performance radar systems. Our 4-element Vivaldi integrates seamlessly with our 4-channel, X-Band T/R (Transmit/Receive) Module.

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