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RF Filters 2.4GHz Harmonic Filter

designs built to your specifications



For use in demanding CW or pulse applications in 2.4GHz ISM band: Communications, heating, radar. Reduces spurious harmonics that are potential sources of interference.

Key Features

For high power 2.4GHz ISM band applications (300 W max)
High out of band attenuation for low spurious emissions
Rugged solid brass construction
Low loss


Electrical Specs

Cutoff freq. 3GHz
Harmonic rejection @2.4GHz: 2nd: > 50dB, 3rd: > 70dB
Insertion loss < 1dB
Ripple < 1dB
Return loss @2.4GHz < 15dB, over full ISM band < 12dB

Mechanical Specs

N-type female on ports
Solid machined brass body

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