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We specialize in advanced antenna solutions for the satellite and launcher market. Our diverse range of antennas, from single, passive GPS antennas to active arrays in S, C, X and K-Band, is designed to meet the needs of the New Space market.

We understand the unique challenges of the satellite and launcher industry, and our antennas are engineered using state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices. Our team of experienced engineers collaborates closely with clients to ensure seamless integration and optimum performance.

Customization is at the core of our philosophy. We recognize that every project has its specific requirements, and we thrive on tailoring our COTS antenna solutions to meet your exact needs. Whether you need modifications to an existing design or a completely new design, our team is ready to bring your vision to life.



We offer optimized antenna solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our diverse range of VHF UHF antennas includes quarter wave and half wave designs. Additionally, we provide Quadrifilar and Helical antennas, where we have pioneered innovative techniques to reduce their size while maintaining superior functionality. Other design options include bowtie, fan and trap-dipoles.


For space-limited applications, patch antennas are the perfect choice. These antennas can be designed to use dielectrics, effectively reducing their overall size. Whether you require antennas for communication, navigation, or scientific purposes, rest assured that our expertise in VHF UHF technology will meet your needs with precision and reliability.


Partner with us to explore the cutting-edge options available, ensuring the success of your space mission with our high-performance antenna solutions.



S-Band finds applications in Telemetry and Telecommand, Earth Observation, and Communication. When it comes to S-Band antennas, patch antennas stand out as an excellent choice, commonly utilized both individually and as part of an array.
Our array of antennas also includes Quadrifilars, Helicals and shorted annular rings.

We are committed to meeting your exact specifications. Whether it's optimizing existing designs or creating new ones, we ensure that our S-Band antennas match your specific requirements and guarantee effortless integration into your aerospace projects.



Our C-Band antenna arrays feature circular polarization and offer both medium and high-gain configurations. These arrays are meticulously engineered around wideband, cutting-edge planar elements to ensure exceptional performance.


Whether your needs involve satellite communications, deep space missions, or scientific research, our C-Band antennas stand at the forefront of space technology, providing unparalleled connectivity and data transmission capabilities to empower your missions.



Leveraging our extensive expertise, we specialize in designing and manufacturing X-Band antennas. Our reach extends to satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), where we offer a series of medium-gain, circular-polarized antennas. Our catalog includes antennas with hemispheric radiation patterns, as well as Isoflux radiation patterns featuring peak gain at specific elevations and low gain in broadside. Moreover, our portfolio includes deep-space options.


Additionally, we provide both active and passive high-gain arrays to accommodate diverse requirements. We prioritize aligning our antennas with your mission's specific needs and remain dedicated to developing solutions that precisely match your objectives.



Our line of K-Band antennas is specifically designed with higher gain in mind, making them ideal for long-range and high-data-rate communications. Built around planar elements, these arrays exhibit excellent beam-shaping capabilities providing enhanced flexibility.


With the option to combine elements into sub-arrays and integrate Low Noise Amplifiers, our antennas ensure an optimized noise temperature for superior performance.



We design and manufacture a range of antennas for the space market, and among our portfolio are GPS antennas. Part of the lineup includes an L1-only GPS antenna optimized for size. Higher-end applications may demand coverage of L1 and L2 with high-efficiency antennas.


Additionally, a range of GPS antenna arrays with optional beam steering is available. To further enhance performance, we can add low noise amplifiers and filtering to the antennas.


All these antennas can be optimized to meet specific mission criteria.


Flight Termination

We offer a comprehensive range of UHF flight termination antennas and couplers, including linear and circular polarized antennas. Equipped with advanced electromagnetic simulation tools, we ensure precise modeling and analysis of the antenna system's behavior on the launcher, guaranteeing optimum performance and reliability.


Explore our selection of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) antennas and couplers or collaborate with our experienced team to create a customized solution that perfectly matches your project's unique demands.


Team up with us and experience the cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service that sets us apart in the industry.

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