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Explore our diverse range of S-Band telemetry antennas.
Our offering includes a compact version, specifically optimized for small size, which makes it an excellent choice for drone-based operations where space is a premium.
For applications where size is not a limiting factor, we provide full-sized, half and full wave antennas, linear or circular polarized.

These antennas are robustly built to withstand wide temperature variations and exposure to various propellants, ensuring enduring performance and resilience even in demanding environments.

Recognizing the uniqueness of each mission, we provide customization opportunities for our COTS antennas. Our engineers will engage with you, to ensure the antennas are specifically tailored to meet your exact needs.


Compact S-Band Telemetry Antenna

Presenting our S-Band telemetry antenna, engineered for operation within the 2.2 to 2.3 GHz band, all within a compact form. Measuring a mere 5mm by 25mm, this antenna exemplifies miniaturized innovation at its finest.

Its primary role involves integration within a ballistic munition round, fulfilling a crucial function in relaying flight telemetry. Despite its small dimensions, this antenna reliably transmits data throughout the munition's trajectory, ensuring accurate tracking and precise data acquisition.

This antenna demonstrates how our technology can perfectly fit tight size requirements while still working effectively.


Range of Full-Size S-Band Telemetry Antenna

Our range of S-Band telemetry antennas covers both the uplink and downlink segments at S-Band.

These antennas come standard with circular polarization. With options for either hemispheric or isoflux radiation patterns, these antennas can be tailored for optimal coverage based on your specific needs. We further expand our offerings with scaled versions of these antennas for C and X-Band applications.

Our range of antennas represents our commitment to versatility, designed to meet a wide array of requirements, whether operating in the S, C, or X-Band.

Image by Maciej Ruminkiewicz

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