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351-300-002 - Marine Antenna Base (1).pn

This range of omnidirectional antennas is built around our wideband dipole technology.

The basic antenna is a single dipole that is half a wavelength at its lowest frequency of operation.
A wideband dipole can consist of a single element that makes up the antenna or multiple dipoles can be stacked to increase the gain. Stacking is typically in the vertical plane to maintain the omnidirectional behavior of the antenna.

Generally, a single dipole yields 2dBi of gain. The typical minimal configuration uses 2 dipoles and yields 4dBi of gain at the lowest frequency of 700 MHz. In the case of the cellular version, this antenna is about 0.5m tall and the gain increases to 6dBi at 2.7 GHz. Vertically stacking two of these, yields an additional 2dB of gain.

Practical frequency ranges for these antennas include:
Cellular including 5G
S and C-Band

An additional frequency range can be added below the lowest frequency of operation.

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