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Offering a diverse range of antennas including arrays, patches, quadrifilars, AESA, wideband, and omnidirectional antennas, targeting the space, satcom, GNSS, avionics, marine, and radar markets.

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Frequency converters, low noise and power amplifiers, transponders,
T/R modules, RF switches, modulators/demodulators, synthesizers and DC/DC converters.

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Antennas and RF/Microwave Subsystems
VHF to K-Band


Orban Microwave designs and manufactures Antennas and RF/Microwave Subsystems in the VHF to K-Band range. Our antenna line includes antenna arrays, AESA, wideband and omnidirectional antennas, and quadrifilars.

RF/Microwave products include T/R Modules, Power Amplifiers, Low Noise Amplifiers, Transponders, and RF Switches.

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