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Orban Microwave | established in 1996

Orban Microwave is an independent Antenna & RF and Microwave design and manufacturing organization. The company designs and manufactures Antennas and RF & Microwave Subsystems in the 0.1 to 25 GHz frequency range. Our two product lines, Antennas and RF & Microwave Subsystems cover VHF through Ka-Band.

Unlike traditional companies, OM has no standard products. Our strategy is to develop application-specific products when no catalog products are available in the marketplace.

We maintain a large library of designs and use state-of-the-art design tools such as 3D electromagnetic and non-linear simulation engines. Our strategic alliance with highly experienced manufacturing partners allows us to convert designs into production products quickly. Our agility in being able to quickly and cost-effectively develop products has earned us a very favorable reputation in the industry.

Our typical customer is one that is unable to locate a standard product that meets their requirements or does not have an in-house design and build capability. We are an economic, complete, and quick answer to this need.

In addition to product development for our customers, we also engage in R&D projects. These constitute a relatively small portion of our workload and many times the results of these R&D efforts have led to the quick and cost-effective development of products for our customers.

We are typically a “fit” with customers who cannot find a standard product that meets their specifications or do not wish to use in-house resources to design them. Our process is to take the design from the conceptual stage all the way through manufacturing while retaining overall responsibility throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Our strategy is to design at cost while generating revenue through the delivery of recurring units.

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