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Orban Microwave | established in 1996

During the course of development and in addition to a series of formal milestones from a Preliminary Design Review through to a Manufacturing Readiness Review, we set up regular conference calls allowing our customers to maintain visibility and control throughout the entire process. All projects are documented from the beginning and this documentation is checked and updated regularly virtually eliminating any surprises.

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Our first stage is the initial request from the customer. The prospective customer provides us with information on requirements - electrical, mechanical, target-price. We then provide an initial round of feedback.

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We evaluate the requirements, studying the required tradeoffs to determine feasibility and expected performance. The study may involve state-of-the-art evaluations, simulations, some basic subsystem breadboarding. These result in a set of specifications.

We present the customer a solution proposal. In situations where tradeoffs are complex, there may be a couple of options. The customer then reviews these options and a decision is then made on how to proceed. 

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This may involve further simulations and breadboarding. Once the prototype is ready, a design review is carried out with the customer. On acceptance (Preliminary design review), we move to the production stage. Periodic progress reports are generated. Technical documentation is prepared (e.g. system descriptions, user manuals, notes regarding production, etc. where appropriate).

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Prepare manufacturing process - small initial run to ensure manufacturing process moves smoothly (i.e. that manufacturing data is correct and all steps proceed smoothly). Production articles are tested and, once accepted (Manufacturing readiness review), full-scale production commences. In-house production documentation prepared.

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Recurring units are produced in quantity. Production processes are regularly monitored for quality control, parts obsolescence, and availability issues. Changes are made where and when required, after having been documented and approved by the customer. Metrics are used to measure, analyze, and improve our manufacturing process.

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Assistance in use, service, and design updates of the units.

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