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Orban Microwave | established in 1996

At Orban Microwave, we are devoted to delivering products and services that align with our customers' contractual and project requisites. Our unwavering commitment is to establish and accomplish quality standards that meet our customers' specified requirements and expectations.

To achieve this, we have developed and will uphold a Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001:2015, which ensures a consistent level of high-quality work in all our undertakings. Our Quality Management System guarantees that proper communication, work control, and comprehensive records are produced for all work carried out.

All members of our team are responsible for upholding these objectives and must familiarize themselves with the contents of our Quality Manual, which outlines the Quality Management System established and adopted to attain these objectives. At Orban Microwave, we support everyone associated with our organization in their individual needs for personal development, training, and facilities.

Our Quality Manager acts as our management representative and is accountable for overseeing and ensuring the proper and effective implementation of our Quality Management System as a whole.
We apply Total Quality Management to every aspect of our operation, making quality the responsibility of every individual, in every activity, throughout Orban Microwave.

 Daniel L.  A. Orban

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