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Orban Microwave Capabilities

Orban Microwave has a modern, fully equipped ISO 9001:2015 certified facility where we do product development, prototyping, testing, and qualification.

Orban Microwave uses the following equipment:

Vector Network Analyzers

Vector Network Analyzers are essential tools for measuring the performance of RF Microwave and Antennas. They provide accurate and reliable measurements of the frequency, amplitude, and phase characteristics of networks. Our Vector Network Analyzers are designed to ensure maximum precision and repeatability in all your measurements.

Signal Generators

Signal Generators are a key component of RF Microwave and Antennas. They are used to generate accurate and repeatable sine, square, and triangle waveforms with adjustable frequency, amplitude, and offset. Our Signal Generators are reliable and cost-effective solutions for testing and troubleshooting a variety of RF devices.

Spectrum Analyzers

Spectrum Analyzers are used to measure the frequency and power of RF and microwave signals. Our Spectrum Analyzers provide accurate, reliable and easy to use measurements of signal strength and amplitude, making them the perfect tool for any RF or microwave application. With our spectrum analyzers, you can easily and quickly identify, locate, and troubleshoot RF interference.

Power Meters

Power Meters are essential tools for measuring the power of RF Microwave and Antennas. We offer a comprehensive selection of power meters and detectors for all your RF/microwave needs. Our power meters are reliable and accurate, making them the perfect choice for your RF/microwave projects.

Vector Signal Analyzer

The Vector Signal Analyzer is a powerful tool for analyzing RF and microwave signals. It is capable of measuring wideband and narrowband signals, providing detailed information about the signal's amplitude, frequency, phase, and noise characteristics. The Vector Signal Analyzer is an invaluable tool for the design and optimization of antennas and other RF and microwave components.

Anechoic Chamber

Our state-of-the-art anechoic chamber provides a fully shielded environment for testing RF and microwave antennas and components. It is designed with advanced absorbing materials and a unique geometry to minimize reflections and maximize accuracy. Our anechoic chamber is the perfect tool for testing and calibrating antennas, circuits, and systems.

Our suite of simulation tools includes:

Strategic Manufacturing Alliances

Orban Microwave has strategic manufacturing alliances for the production phase of our projects. We remain fully responsible through the entire products’ lifecycle and maintain constant oversight making sure the best quality is achieved at the lowest cost.


Interested In Orban Microwave Building Your Next Project?

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