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Welcome to our comprehensive range of GPS antennas, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled performance. Whether you're seeking precise positioning in challenging environments or reliable navigation on-the-go, we have the perfect solution for you. From the high-precision choke ring antennas engineered to deliver exceptional signal reception to the portable and versatile rover antennas ideal for dynamic positioning, we cater to a diverse array of needs. For those seeking improved accuracy and reliability in navigation, our WAAS/EGNOS antennas provide the essential augmentation support. Additionally, for seamless integration into your devices, our embedded antennas offer compact designs without compromising on performance. Whatever your GPS antenna requirements, we have the expertise to elevate your positioning and navigation experience to new heights.

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Choke Ring

Introducing our advanced GPS choke antenna, meticulously crafted to revolutionize your GNSS experience. Designed with precision engineering, this antenna boasts tight phase centers and unrivaled multipath support, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in positioning. Equipped with low noise amplifiers featuring noise figures below 1 dB, our choke antenna guarantees optimal system sensitivity, enhancing signal reception even in challenging environments.



This type of GNSS antenna is optimized for very tight phase centers and superior multipath support. Low Noise amplifiers with noise figures below 1 dB, assure the best possible system sensitivity.

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Introducing our cutting-edge WAAS/EGNOS GPS antenna, a game-changer in precise navigation and positioning. The phase center accuracy of this antenna is comparable to that of the choke ring antenna. Through the integration of cavity type diplexers and filters, it guarantees exceptional suppression of interference in the nearby L-Band, ensuring reliable and accurate signal reception even in challenging environments. With extremely low losses in the filters, the noise figure of this antenna surpasses that of a classic choke ring antenna, promising superior sensitivity and performance.

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Specifically optimized for compactness, our diverse range of embedded GNSS antennas is designed to seamlessly integrate into your devices without compromising on functionality.
Choose between active and passive versions to suit your specific requirements. We offer a variety of options, from L1-only versions to antennas that cover GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, and BeiDou constellations, ensuring global positioning capability. With a typical LNA gain of 15dB and the flexibility to provide custom gains, our embedded GNSS antennas deliver exceptional sensitivity and signal reception for a wide range of applications.

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