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designs built to your specifications

Helical antennas come in several "flavors." "Normal mode" helix antennas, which are azimuthally omnidirectional and linearly polarized are found in many portable and mobile applications in VHF and UHF. Large "axial mode" helices, which radiate in the endfire (boresight) direction find use in terrestrial and space applications where operational bandwidths are wide and circular polarization is needed. It is possible to construct small axial mode quadrifilar helicals that operate over small bandwidths (comparable to a straight dipole antenna) that produce good circular polarization and an azimuthal radiation pattern for use in portable satellite radios (mainly in L and S band as well as some UHF applications).


We have produced a number of helical antennas for use in search and rescue, SATCOM and navigation applications. We can develop a helical antenna

to suit your application.

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