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designs built to your specifications

Nearly all our system design relies on integrated regulated DC-DC converters with powers ranging from milliwatts to kilowatts. Battery-powered applications require efficient power conversion to achieve maximum performance for a given battery charge. High power applications require high efficiency to keep heat production to a minimum and reduce energy consumption over the life of the product. Our power supplies can be galvanically isolated (for mains connected and space applications) as well as non-isolated for other applications. Hybrid solutions (which incorporate linear regulators in multilayered regulation) provide exceptional noise immunity.

In high power applications and special systems (complete radios, transponders), DC-DC converters are tightly integrated and are designed in parallel for optimal performance. In sensitive receiver applications, the interference must be kept to a minimum using noise reduction methods and through judicious choice of switching frequency.

Galvanically Isolated
DC-DC Converter/
Regulated Power Supply

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