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Nearly all our system design relies on integrated regulated DC-DC converters with powers ranging from milliwatts to kilowatts. Battery-powered applications require efficient power conversion to achieve maximum performance for a given battery charge. High power applications require high efficiency to keep heat production to a minimum and reduce energy consumption over the life of the product. Our power supplies can be galvanically isolated (for mains connected and space applications) as well as non-isolated for other applications. Hybrid solutions (which incorporate linear regulators in multilayered regulation) provide exceptional noise immunity.

In high power applications and special systems (complete radios, transponders), DC-DC converters are tightly integrated and are designed in parallel for optimal performance. In sensitive receiver applications, the interference must be kept to a minimum using noise reduction methods and through judicious choice of switching frequency.

Galvanically Isolated
DC-DC Converter/
Regulated Power Supply


This power supply was originally developed for aerospace applications but has found use in many other projects because of its flexibility and simplicity. The ability to generate positive and negative voltages is convenient for systems using analog circuits based on operational amplifiers and comparators. The two high-current regulators are useful for power such subsystems as RF power amplifiers, DSPs and FPGAs.


The input voltage may typically vary from 26-32V (range of voltage from spacecraft
battery system). Output voltages may be set to anywhere from 3.3 to 12V. The input
power supply feeds a balanced, unregulated push-pull DC-DC converter that is isolated from the secondary-side ground potential. Note that AC ground potential is maintained using capacitive coupling. The level of AC coupling can be adjusted by changing the value of coupling capacitance. On the secondary side, regulated buck converters provide the various output voltages. Each of these voltages is programmed by a pair of feedback resistors
in the regulator circuit. The level of current limiting is also programmed by means of a series resistor.

System Description

The power supply is a cascaded system with an unregulated, isolated DC-DC
converter followed by a set of regulated buck converters. There is also provision for
using a linear regulator for low-noise applications. The unregulated DC-DC converter uses a compact quadrifilar-wound ferrite transformer operating at 200 kHz for efficient energy conversion with a minimum of leakage-inductance effects. Separated (non-quadrifilar) winding transformers can also be used for extra isolation at the expense of a slight degradation in conversion efficiency.

Key Features

• Transformer coupling provides galvanic isolation from input power source
• Current limiting provides short-circuit protection
• Soft starting reduces inrush current
• Five regulated output voltages: four positive and one negative
• Two high current (2 amp) positive outputs
• Regulator voltage set by resistor pair
• Input voltage may vary over wide range while still maintaining output regulation
• Full load efficiency typically 85%
• No optocouplers used in feedback loops, for improved resistance to radiation


Optional Modifications

Other output voltage combinations
Addition of linear regulators for low-noise operation
Higher-current operation
Additional safety features (overvoltage/undervoltage shutdown,thermal protection, etc.)
Non-isolated operation (for higher efficiency) *If you have different requirements for a similar design or a completely new set of requirements, please contact us at the numbers listed below or via mail or refer to the sales page on our website for a representative in your area.*