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A Transmit-Receive (T/R) module forms the basis of a time-duplexed RF front end, sitting immediately behind the antenna array elements. They are found in beamforming arrays used for radar and communication (e.g. 5G, satellite) systems, often where active beam (or null) steering is desired. At a minimum, these modules consist of a low noise amplifier, a power amplifier and a transmit-receive switch. On top of this, we can build in various levels of "intelligence" that permit the TR module to take over some of the beam steering tasks, such as automated scanning and beam switching. Digital control & telemetry interfaces and power control systems are often incorporated.

T/R modules are often tightly integrated with specialized antenna elements. Depending on the application, these antenna elements can be planar (patch, Vivaldi, etc.) or non planar (helix, etc.). Multiple polarization capability is sometimes incorporated in an antenna array. OMP can develop custom antennas and T/R modules up to X/Ku band using commercially available components to suit your application.